Commonly requested public records documents

The information you are seeking may already be available on the Office of the Insurance Commissioner's (OIC) website. The following are links to a few of the OIC's online resources.

If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact our office or fill out a public records request form

Agent, agency and company lookup

Search for an agent, agency or company and see contact information, licensing history, annual statements, and more.

Rate and forms filings

This search engine allows users to search and view all publically available rate, rule, and form filings submitted to the OIC.

Health insurance rate increases

View rate increases and see how they are reviewed. Sign up to receive an email when a company files a rate request.

Tax forms

This search engine allows users to search for insurers' and surplus line brokers' tax forms.

Insurance Fair Conduct Act (IFCA)

File a notice or check potential lawsuits under the IFCA.

Disciplinary and general orders

These include all enforcement, administrative and general orders from 2004 to present.

Life-expectancy table

Courts and appraisers use this table to determine the valuation or current worth of life and term estates or annuities, and remainders or reversionary interests, computed at several interest rates.

Updated 12/09/2015

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