Domestic partnerships and insurance

Washington state's domestic partnership law expands the rights and responsibilities of state-registered domestic partners.

How to qualify

Under Washington state law, you can register for a domestic partnership if one partner is age 62 or older. This law applies to same-sex and opposite-sex partners.

You and your partner must live together and not be closely related to one another.

To register your domestic partnership or to learn more, contact the Washington State Office of the Secretary of State at 360-725-0377 or go online at:

Adding a domestic partner to your health insurance

Under state law, certain types of health insurance plans must let you add your registered domestic partner.

However, the plan can require you to wait until the next open-enrollment period to add your domestic partner. Contact the plan to find out when it will let you add your partner.

Before you can enroll your partner, you'll need to provide proof of your registered domestic partnership.

Not sure if your health plan qualifies? Call us at 800-562-6900.

Adding a domestic partner to other types of insurance

If you want to add your partner to another insurance policy, such as auto or homeowner insurance, you need to contact your insurance company and provide proof of your registered domestic partnership.

Updated 08/06/2014

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