Where can I buy a health plan?


Most people must wait until Nov. 15 to buy an individual health plan, but there are some exceptions. Once open enrollment begins, you can buy a health plan in Washington state either inside or outside the Exchange, wahealthplanfinder (www.wahealthplanfinder.org), Benefits of shopping inside the Exchange include:

  • Compare health plans, apples-to-apples
  • Subsidies based on your income to help you afford coverage
  • Three levels of coverage to choose from depending on the deductible you'd like

Additional health plans are for sale outside the Exchange -- either directly from an insurance company or through an agent or broker -- but tax credits or subsidies are only available if you buy a plan through Washington Healthplanfinder (www.wahealthplanfinder.org).

Most people must buy a plan by Feb.15, 2015, but some exceptions may apply if you have a qualifying event.

Also, Medicaid (Apple Health) enrollment continues all year long.

Updated 07/31/2014

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