Buying an individual health plan

Individual coverage is health insurance for you and/or your family members. You can buy individual health plans during specific time periods called "open enrollment periods."

Open enrollment period

Unless you qualify for a special enrollment period, the standard open enrollment period for 2015 plans is closed.

Important information Important: Coming this Fall…a preview of the 2016 individual health plans and rates will be available in October 2015. However, you can’t sign-up for plans until open enrollment starts (Nov. 1, 2015 through Jan. 31, 2016).

In Washington state, you can buy individual coverage:

  • Through the Washington Healthplanfinder ( - An online marketplace where you can compare plans and get help paying your premium, depending on your income.
  • Directly from a health insurance company - Additional health plans are available outside of the Washington Healthplanfinder, but if you buy directly from an insurance company, you won't get help paying your premium.

Some individual health plans may not be available where you live. View our map of individual health plans and their rates by county.

Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) enrollment period

Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) enrollment is open all year long. See if you qualify or renew your coverage through the Washington Healthplanfinder ( or by calling 855-923-4633.

Special enrollment periods

If you need coverage outside of open enrollment, see if you have a qualifying event for special enrollment.

What determines how much you'll pay in premiums

Health reform and individual plans

Individual health insurers:


Updated 07/28/2015

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