Your health insurance rights

Mandatory health benefits

Discover what health benefits health insurance plans must include.

Your rights to see a medical provider

Find out how some health plans must give you access to all types of licensed health care providers.

Health information and your privacy

Find out how to keep your personal health information private.

What you need to know about provider networks

Find out what networks should include, risks of using an out-of-network provider and questions to ask.

Patient Bill of Rights

Read how the Patient Bill of Rights ensures you receive quality care.

Women's health insurance rights

Find out how health plans must give women access to health care services and medical providers, and cover contraceptives.

Appealing a health insurance denial

Find out your options when you receive a denial from your health plan.

The health care law and you (

Get information about your rights under the federal health reform law.

Updated 02/12/2015

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