Need help paying for Medicare?

Two programs that may help you save!

If you're a Medicare client, you may qualify for programs that could save you money!

1.The Medicare Savings Programs

Applying is easy, and if you qualify, you could put over $1,248 back in your pocket and your Social Security check this year.

What types of expenses are covered?

If you qualify, Medicare Savings Programs may cover:

  • Part A premiums
  • Part B premiums
  • Medicare copayments
  • Medicare deductibles

You can have either Original Medicare (Part A and B) or a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C).

Medicare Savings Programs to help with Medicare Parts A and B costs

(Effective April 1, 2015)

  Income less than: Assets* less than:
Single person $1,324 per month


$15,890 per year
Couple $1,792 per month $10,930
$21,506 per year

*The Department of Social and Health Services does not count $1,500 above asset limits per person if it's set aside in a specific account for burial costs.

2. Medicare Part D prescription Extra Help savings

Part D prescription drug coverage Extra Help covers::

  • Premiums
  • Deductibles
  • Some copays
  • Donut hole/coverage gap (This is when Medicare temporarily stops paying for your prescriptions and you have to pay the entire cost of medications.)

Caution: If you receive prescription coverage from an employer plan, you may not want to apply for this help. It could cause you to lose your employer health plan.

Extra Help for Part D prescription drugs

(Effective January 2015)

  Income less than: Assets less than:
Single person

$1,471 per month

$17,655 per year

$1,991 per month

$23,895 per year

Note: People who work may have higher income and still qualify for Extra Help!

Updated 02/25/2015

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